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Although employment laws have changed, the standpoint of a majority judges in Bosnia and Herzegovina is still the one from the communist era, which is to support the employees against the employer at any cost. Any mistake of the employer, no matter how benign, can have severe consequences. For this reason, it is mandatory that mistakes do not happen. In a country with former socialist regime in which employees' rights are highly protected, an excellent understanding of employers’ business needs and their successful matching with employees’ expectations is what we offer to our clients.
Our team is here to advise you on all labour and employment law matters, including: preparation and negotiation of employment and managerial contracts, solving legal status of employees in case of restructuring, M&A reorganization, analysis of potential transfer and renting of employees, termination of contracts, and similar questions, taking care of your best interests and all legal and business implications of such actions.
Thanks to our long expertise, we are able to identify all potential risky situations for our clients and to design appropriate solutions to avoid or resolve disputes. However, some disputes inevitably end up in the court. In such cases, our extensive experience helps us to foresee all necessary steps, as well as objections that the opposite party may raise during proceedings. Consequently, we are well prepared in every moment of dispute, which is proven by many court verdicts issued in favour of our clients. This success came as a result of our long fight against the relicts of the socialist system, excellent legal knowledge and professionality of our Employment Department.







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