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European Essential Guarantees Guide - Bosnia and Hercegovina

prosinca 12, 2021 

The article is on the third page, Bosnia and Hercegovina. Written by Anisa Tomić.



We are one of the few representatives registered as trademark and industrial design agents before State IP Office. We are members of INTA and PTMG - the only ones from Bosnia and Herzegovina involved in their activities.The IP practice group has considerable expertise in all areas of IP. We advise c...

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One of the characteristics of the electrical energy sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina is an abundance of resources for production of energy, which puts Bosnia and Herzegovina on the map as an energy exporter. However, current plants are outdated, and their capacities will soon stop being able to sati...

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Although employment laws have changed, the standpoint of a majority judges in Bosnia and Herzegovina is still the one from the communist era, which is to support the employees against the employer at any cost. Any mistake of the employer, no matter how benign, can have severe consequences. For this ...

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