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One of the main characteristics of bankruptcy proceedings in Bosnia and Herzegovina is that they are never initiated as a manner of protection of company from its creditors, but only once the company is in severe distress. This leaves very little room for restructuring. Typically, debtors do not comply with their obligation to initiate bankruptcy proceedings; whereas, if the creditors do so they are obliged by the court to advance the costs of the procedure. In such situations, bankruptcy is initiated only by those creditors who have significant claims. In these circumstances, we are able to support you in a realistic analysis of the possibilities for collection of your receivables, either before or in the course of the bankruptcy procedure, as well as provide advice on how to protect you from those who will try to prevent collection. There are rare positive examples when restructuring prevented bankruptcy and enabled further successful operations. One of those is the case of Agrokor d.d. where we provided legal advice and successfully achieved restructuring of all subsidiaries in Bosnia and Herzegovina.




One of the characteristics of the electrical energy sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina is an abundance of resources for production of energy, which puts Bosnia and Herzegovina on the map as an energy exporter. However, current plants are outdated, and their capacities will soon stop being able to sati...

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n a country where all public institutions swear by public procurement rules while at the same time trying to avoid them, it is of paramount importance to protect your position prior to entering any public procurement procedure. Our law firm advises companies on submitting bids in public tenders, pro...

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Personal data protection and privacy issues impact on all business and industry sectors across the globe. With the flourish of cloud computing, increasing numbers of businesses are considering the use of so-called cloud services that involve processing and storage being provided by cloud service pro...

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