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Personal data protection and privacy issues impact on all business and industry sectors across the globe. With the flourish of cloud computing, increasing numbers of businesses are considering the use of so-called cloud services that involve processing and storage being provided by cloud service providers over the Internet. It is therefore important that anyone considering the use of a cloud service in their business activity is aware of the requirements imposed under the Personal Data Protection Act. Our lawyers are one of very few in the country that are specialized in this matter, advising on the rules relating to the personal data processing and transferring outside of the country and storing of personal data on cloud-based servers managed by third party IT service providers. We advise clients, domestic and international companies, on all aspects of personal data protection and on complex issues associated with both personal and sensitive business data, including its collection, use, storage, disclosure, transfer and destruction, assisting clients in preparation all necessary documents and forms for submitting Notifications and obtaining approvals from the Personal Data Protection Authority. Our services also include advising on the rules relating to web pages compliance with legal requirements for web pages (conditions, consensual collection of data, privacy policy and cookies), dealing with data protection issues associated with corporate transactions in relation to due diligence disclosure or transfer of data as an asset and outsourcing transactions.